Festool 561593 Carvex PS 420 EBQ Jigsaw Review

tool with additional blades

The 561593 Festool Carvex jigsaw features the type of ergonomic design, dust control technology, and sawing precision that can handle small and large cutting tasks around the home or on the job. The saw’s brushless motor allows for a longer lifespan, improved efficiency, and more power. This model scored well in a number of areas, but for most user’s the saw’s cutting precision was the biggest draw.

Our Verdict: This model offers a pro-quality performance and excellent cutting precision, which is why it’s recommended for pro use. However, it’s not the most powerful jigsaw on the market, which is why we recommend it for small to medium-size cutting tasks. Overall, the saw’s reasonable pricing and highly adjustable features make this model a good buy if your priority is cutting accuracy over power.

Keep on reading to learn more about this versatile and highly adjustable jigsaw by Festool and find out if it has what it takes for pro use or if it’s a better option for DIYers.

Overview and Features

This model is one of the lightest corded jigsaws around, weighing just a little over four pounds. It also operates at an impressive three thousand eight hundred strokes per minute and features a well-designed, sturdy blade guide system that helps to minimize both deflection and blade drift.

Most users will find that the blade visibility with this saw is top of the line, while the stroboscopic quad LED system helps users to easily focus on the blade.

Festool 561593 Carvex PS 420 EBQ Jigsaw

Product Rating: (4.5/5)

tool with additional blades

  • Variable trigger speed
  • Dust blower
  • Adjustable chip guard
  • Adjustable blade guard
  • Tool-less blade changes
  • Excellent quality


The saw’s auto-start feature will fire up the motor slowly. Once the saw has sensed a load, it will quickly gain speed. This feature can be very helpful when it comes to getting a cut started and helps to provide the type of extra power that’s needed for a cleaner cut when working with thicker materials. But while the saw offers excellent cutting precision, many users can agree that it doesn’t offer the same type of power as other models in this price range such as the Bosch Power Tools Jigsaw – JS470E Corded Top-Handle Jigsaw.


The cord measures in at thirteen feet long, which is perfect for most workspaces, so you’ll rarely need to use an extension cord.

Blade Guide

The triple blade guide is made out of carbide, which helps to reduce and prevent blade deflection.

 LED Lights

The high-intensity white lights surround the saw’s blade from each side in order to illuminate the cutting line. These lights synchronize with the speed of the blade, which causes it to appear as though it’s standing still. This helps to keep the blade on the cut line. You can adjust the light settings to keep them on, shut them off or switch them to the stroboscopic mode.

Interchangeable Base

You’ll find a base change release lever that will allow you to switch between different types of bases that are task specific. These other bases are sold separately. Swapping out the base is fast and easy. But an issue for some buyers will be the additional cost of these other bases. The single angle plate that comes with this model will fold in half instead of tilting to the side, which can negatively impact the base plate’s stability.

Blade Chuck

The saw’s tool-less blade chuck uses T shank blades. To use, simply insert a blade at an angle, then twist it into the locked position. To remove the blade, pull the plastic release trigger located on the side of the saw.


The saw features a one-inch blade stroke and operates between five hundred and three thousand, eight hundred strokes per minute. On the side of the saw, you’ll find the stroke adjustment knob, which allows you to choose from four cutting modes that range from aggressive to fine cutting.

Chip Guard

You can adjust the chip guard vertically in order to improve visibility and retain efficient dust extraction. You can also remove the guard completely. The blower works to blow away any dust and debris on the cut line. While the blower does work, it’s not very powerful.


  • Variable trigger speed
  • Dust blower
  • Adjustable chip guard
  • Adjustable blade guard
  • Tool-less blade changes


  • Can struggle when slicing through thicker material
  • Base folds in half which can impact stability

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Is This Saw a Good Choice for Beginners?

Yes and no. It offers the type of performance pros can appreciate but lacks the power to handle larger jobs. The variety of adjustable features can make it difficult for the beginner to adjust initially, but over time, most buyers will find that the saw’s adjustment options are what make it a great option for both home and work use. Before you use this model we recommend reading the user’s manual from cover to cover in order to learn how to adjust the settings. To learn more, click here to read our article on how to use jigsaw.

What’s Better, a Cordless Jigsaw or a Corded Model?

In some cases, this can be more a matter of personal preference. You can find battery-powered models that can compete with the type of power a corded jigsaw offers. However, the big drawback will always involve battery life. Yet, if you need to move around freely, then a corded model can also be problematic. In most cases, the type of jigsaw you buy will be a matter of whether freedom of movement is more important than power. To learn more about jigsaws and the different styles available read our best jigsaw buyer’s guide where you’ll also find information on the five leading models on the market.

Conclusion and Rating

Product Rating: (4.5/5)

tool with additional bladesThis Festool jigsaw is powerful, durable, and packed with highly adjustable features that make this model beginner-friendly and a great choice for small to medium sized jobs. However, it can struggle when working with thicker materials. But while it’s not the most powerful saw we reviewed, it’s definitely designed for pro use considering the exceptional cutting precision and lightweight, ergonomic design. We gave this model a rating of four and a half out of five stars.

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